Kickstarter: Pokemon enamel pins

Hi everyone!

I just launched my very first kickstarter to get these cute pokemon enamel pins manufactured :) They are discounted on kickstarter and will become more expensive when I sell them in my shop. There's even an extra discount for early birds!

You can pledge to get Pikachu and Eevee hard enamel pins, but that's not all! If the kickstarter stretch goals are reached, eeveelution pins will be unlocked and you can get those as well!

You won't be charged until the campaign ends and you can change your pledge at any time :)

FYI: There are only 10 early bird spots for each tier! Get them while they last.

Feel free to go take a look and feel free to share! ❤️



New website, new products!


Hey everyone,

As you might've noticed the new website is now up and running! It's still very similar to the old one, but i made some changes to the color scheme, homepage and menu to increase usability :)


The new website

The color scheme used to be more dark, which in my opinion wasn't fully in line with the products i'm selling. Also the menu placement has changed to make it more accessible and more straightforward. Last but not least I made a few tweaks to the homepage so that you can now browse different collections and even choose your favorite animal/character with a fun carousel. Hope you like it! If you have any feedback feel free to let me know what you think :)


New products

I'm also very busy designing new products for you, some of which are for sale starting now! Two new tote bags are now available, as well as a lot of new accessories such as keychains, buttons and charms. Aside from that, i will be releasing at least one new shirt design each season. It could be more than one per season, but i guarantee you at least one. There's a new shirt design on the way that will be available at Facts convention this April.




I'm also working hard to bring you more new products such as more tote bags, jewelry, accessories and more stationery! As i'm making room for a lot of new products to come in, i'll have to say goodbye to some other designs. For that reason, you can find a lot of our cute items in the sale section, with a massive 50% discount

Go to the sale page here >


Thanks for reading and feel free to give me some feedback or suggestions!



They stole our money...


Most of you know that we had a booth at Facts 2016 this weekend. I'm sad to say that someone stole all my money on saturday around 16:00 o'clock. Someone waited until i was busy, knocked aside some displays and all the money was gone. Unfortunatly there are no leads as to who did it, and the police informed me that a lot of other people were also robbed at the convention.

It will take some time to recover from it, since it was a lot of money, and i just wanted to inform everyone that has bought or is buying from the website and the people that bought something at Facts 2016: Thank you very much! I'm so happy you like our products and we can definatly use the support right now


we'll be back 21/09!






Flashsale and promo





Discount and loyalty bonus!


 If you're subscribed to our newsletter, go check your mailbox as well..there might be a little extra in it for you ;)

Not subscribed yet? No problem! If you subscribe this week, you will still receive the newsletter that has been sent out today and you can find out what the little extra is!




Valentine is coming...prepare yourself!



January giveaway winner


Giveaway winner!

The Free giveaway on our facebook page has ended and the winner has been randomly chosen by the app 'Giveaway Tab'. 

The lucky person is Cindy Erwin Shafer! Congratulations!

An e-mail has been sent out with a notification to claim your prize. A screenshot has been added to this post as proof of the random apps choice.



Giveaway and last call



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