Hi guys!

As you might have noticed, i changed the layout for the website quite a bit. Not only is it more user friendly, it also has some extra benefits!

Awesome points

I've implemented something for the customers called 'awesome points'. The is a fun loyalty program that let's you save up points on your account that you can exchange for discounts and coupons. The points have no expiration date, so you don't have to worry about when to spend them. 

There are different ways to earn awesome points, all of which are described on our Rewards-page or displayed when you click on the widgettab. The widgettab is located on the bottom rightcorner when you're on a desktop or tablet, or on the botton left corner when you're browsing with a smartphone.

Check it out and find out some cool ways to earn more points, like sending in a picture of yourself!

Anything can happen mondays

We also have some shiny new carousel images that show off some of our promotions. An additional small banner was also added to promote 'anything can happen mondays!'. Every monday that banner will change for 24h to an exclusive promotion for that monday only. So be sure to check every monday to see what we have in store for you ;)

If you want to make sure you don't miss out, you can register to our newsletter and receive information about monday's promotions in advance. Registering to the newsletter will also give you a one-time-only personal coupon! You can also follow us on social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram and stay up to date through those channels.

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Twitter: @Fluffntuff_